About us

Cheese import

Founded in 1936 and located in Montreal, GATTUSO is a 4th generation family business that enjoys a solid reputation in the food industry in Quebec, Canada and Europe, mainly in Italy, France, Greece and Spain.

Owing to its credibility and its solid network of contacts developed over more than 85 years, the Company is able to import large quantities of cheese and to develop new business.

All food imports are still carried out under the corporate name Gattuso Inc. which has a long tradition of reliability in the food industry. 

Many foreign companies continually approach GATTUSO to represent them in Canada and help them break into the Canadian market.

Trading and Distribution

Gattuso is also active in the trading and resale of Canadian and Quebec cheeses.

Doing regular business with cheesemakers from the province of Quebec and the rest of Canada it can supply distributors and foodservice companies who are seeking various quality of cheeses.

Gattuso is now an active player in the Ingredients sector and is in constant contact with a large number of suppliers around the world to meet your needs.

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